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The temperatures can be extremely damaging since the items you have may not be wrapped or boxed in properly. When you store magazines, clothes, books or even electronics, these can easily get damaged. This is when you must consider a climate-controlled unit for storing your stuff. Safely securing your things may help from ruin, especially in various unreliable weather conditions.  

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When you store your bike, they do rust too. Most bikes are made of aluminum, unless you have a titanium steel one, bikes do rust. Therefore, you should lubricate the chains and the derailleurs since it’s like the motor of the bike anyway. You can remove the saddle seat form the post that way it doesn’t become difficult to detach from the frame. Then plug the hole in the frame. When you have old tires on your bike, pull the bike upright. This will help take pressure off the tires. The air will not escape this way. Take off the cables too since they’ll rust. You can also replace them when you decide you need your bike out of storage.  

Paperbacks, books, and paperwork 

If you have an old book you cherish, you may want to keep it in hand. Everyone knows that time doesn’t like paper. Preventing paper and books from damaging by placing them flat in “Tupperware” flat boxes may help secure their original condition. In fact, place them flat so the spine doesn’t get damaged too. You can seal up all your boxes if they’re cardboard with the highest quality tape which are sold as “moisture-resistant packaging” tape.  


The seats of chairs are always the parts that go first or get damaged. If the top of a seat is made of leather or cloth, you should simply stack them “seat-to-seat” and upright. They are delicate when not in use. In addition, throwing a plastic tarp over them may help as well.  

Bedding, curtains, and clothes 

There’s wardrobe boxes you can buy in order to keep your clothes safely secured and to prevent any damaging. Your clothes don’t have to go through that ordeal of stacking them and folding them in cartons. It will ensure air circulation. The reduction of the moisture and mold from building up in the storage rooms will be reduced. The last thing you need is mildew and mold on your bedding, clothes, and curtains. You can actually store them in the dresser drawers or in storage chests. Other places known to have these items are in “cedar trunks” which are a primary place to store them in.